Anti-ageing Medicine

When it comes to anti-aging, medicine has made great strides but it is still very much problem-based not health based.

Most available treatments will concentrate on treating the illness only once it presents itself rather than preventing it from occurring in the first instance.

Dr. Arbuckle considers both broad forms of anti-aging medicine important. Looking youthful externally can be complemented and enhanced by maximizing internal youth and health, to the levels that are currently possible.

The actual theories behind  aging  are abound in medical literature. These range from the DNA level (Telemerase) through  to “nite cellular replication theory”.

Theories aside, what we do know is that patterns of hormone deficiency mimic the symptoms and signs of premature aging. Hormone levels fall almost universally as we age and by using bio-identical hormones, these levels can be controlled and corrected.

Once the hormone deficiency is confirmed through blood tests, we can then work on re-balancing the hormones which will then alleviate tiredness, loss of stamina, poor libido, insomnia, abby musculature and poor motivation as well as other symptoms.

Humans are living longer. A hundred year old human is not a great rarity as they were  fifty years ago.  We can extend quantity of life through many innovative, ground breaking, and now almost commonplace medical developments. If we do not match this with quality of life we are failing our patients. This is our goal here.

Patients who feel well, generally are well.